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Connect with the free and happy life of your inner child

Be the joy you want to see in the world

It is my wish to inspire anyone to get (or stay) in touch with their inner child. To wonder, to play, to create, to feel inspired and inspire others to make today the most joyful day.






Illustrations and designs 

custom made for you.

Many options possible

Prices starting at 150 euro


Giclée Prints

Museum quality giclée

(limited edition)

Signed by the artist


Prices starting at 49 euro

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Inspiration book

This cute little book

was sold out in a day!

The second edition is out now

Price 17,50 euro

What people say

Thank you Stephanie for your beautiful art! It makes the room of my daughter a place of happiness and it reminds me of the playfulness of being together with my child.


I am so happy with your art! It was such a good birthday present! I could not have made her more happy then with this well presented art print. Thanks again!


I have a collection of three

of your illustrations in

my sleeping room.

Each morning I wake up

and they remind me

to have a joyful day!

Thank you!


My newest work on Instagram

Wanna work with me?

I'd love to get creative with you!

You have great ideas

you'd like to get into practice?

I have done a variety of designs

for my customers. I love illustrating the very important moments of our live.

Think of birth cards, wedding invitations, playful portraits of small and big children

(or adults, if you wish) families, funeral announcements, book covers...

If you like to see some examples

If you like me to think with you,

you are more than welcome to contact me

and we will explore the possibilities together