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"Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud"

Maya Angelou

It is my wish to inspire anyone to get (or stay) in touch with their inner child. To wonder, to play, to create, to feel inspired and inspire others to make today the most joyful day.


At art school my first project was a happiness book. It was before the time of internet. I would spend hours at the library to find inspiring information for my little book. Happiness and joy as themes have always inspired me. 


I was that girl that sampled happiness quotes on tea bags. For the fun of it, I would make fortune bonbons with little quotes inside to inspire the people I gave them to.

My illustrations are the same. I sincerely hope they inspire you and make you smile, both on the in- and outside. 

The little girl I draw, is not the girl I am,

but it is the girl I become, while I draw.

I hope you become her too.

Stephanie Koning



I love... 

Walking barefoot through the springgrass. The sound of the rain tapping against the canvas of the tent. The smell of a fireplace on a wintry day. The taste of an oatmilk vanilla latte on a Sunday morning. Waking up by the song of a robin. The mesmerizing dance of a flock of birds. The joyful play of the wind and the trees. Silence. The sun, shining through the canopy, and caressing the soft, green moss. French language.

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